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Bookkeeping Services

We have an excellent reputation in the marketplace, taking care of the bookkeeping and tax preparation needs for a wide variety

of businesses and individuals. Whether you need assistance with GST, payroll, AP or AR financial management, or something else,

you can count on us for professional and conscientious service.

We have a wealth of experience and are looking forward to working with you either off site or at your place of business.

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Digital Bookkeeping

No matter what type of financial situation you have, our team of experts will provide the best course of action.

Accounts Receivable / Invoice Preparation: Take this responsibility off the shoulders of your managers and free up their time to do tasks that they should be doing to generate revenue and improve profitability. Have your invoices for revenue generated regularly to help ensure continued revenue generation and cashflow. In addition to invoice preparation, we ensure that all Accts Receivable items are being collected from your customers. 

Accounts Payable Management:  We ensure that all expenses and subtrade bills are entered into your accounting software regularly and we prepare payments following a schedule that allows for effective cashflow management.  We also develop a chain of command authorization system within the company to ensure that invoices are pre-approved before processing. 

Bank Reconciliations / Credit Card Reconciliations:  We ensure that these accounts are reviewed and reconciled regularly so that the cashflow position is accurate and can be used strategically. As you gain a better understanding of how much cash you have, it can be made available for capital investment, growth or other strategic purposes.  

Receiver General Filings (GST / Corporate Tax): We ensure that all the expenses and revenues are recorded in the correct time periods to properly remit as required.  We would file all necessary RevCan filings as required.  

Payroll Processing:  We can develop a payroll processing procedure that can be used for third party payroll (Ceridian / ADP / Payment Evolution) or in-house payroll. We would file all necessary RevCan source deductions as required.  We also provide T4 / T5 processing at year end for all employees. 

Financial Budget / Goal Development & Monitoring:  We can help to develop and monitor specific financials goals that you would like your business to achieve so you can understand how well your business is performing and whether specific initiatives or resources are operating effectively.

Monthly Financials Reporting: We can provide easy to read and understand financials information monthly which will help you to strategically direct your business and to monitor whether you are reaching your revenue and profitability goals as the year unfolds.  

WCB Filing: We process this information at the end February for the previous calendar year for compliance reporting. 

Year End Preparation: At year end we will prepare all the year-end working papers and documentation required by your accountant within 60 days of year end so they can file your tax return accurately and on time. 

Tax Planning: As your tax accountant will confirm, it is important to have a tax plan in mind while operating a successful business so that you can minimize your tax expenses year over year. Mindful management will result in better tax percentages and a more advantageous tax position overall.   We can work with your accountant to implement a specific plan around this area. 

We provide on site or off site bookkeeping services, specializing in Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks online. We also use products such as Dext Receipt Bank, Donor Perfect, Ceridian, and ADP to manage your records digitally.

Making Notes

Personal Budget Bookkeeping and Management

Personal bookkeeping is staying on top of your personal finances. It’s essentially expense management and budgeting. It can help you answer questions like:

“Am I spending too much on eating out?”

“Can I really afford to go to Hawaii again this year?”

Doing your “personal books” just means tracking your personal spending, and making sure you have a budget that works for your lifestyle. It could also mean keeping tabs on your personal debt and assets if you have a personal loan (like a mortgage), or have investments like property or a collector’s sports car.  

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